3D PluraView 27" WQHD Photogrammetric measuring instrument

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High resolution

FullHD, 2.5K or 4K per eye

Wide Viewing Angle

for comfortable work even in a team

Software Certified

for all 3D stereo applications (see supported Applications)

Functional design

Highest quality – Made in Germany

The 3D PluraView promises an extremely comfortable, precise and pixel-accurate image evaluation in highest resolution of up to 2x 4K resolution and a color depth of up to up to 10-bit. This makes all the problems of users of devices with shutter technology a thing of the past. Their active image separation causes a very dark, low-contrast stereo image. The high-frequency shuttering can also strain the eyes and lead to rapid fatigue. Ambient light additionally intensifies the "flickering effect".
Each 3D PluraView consists of two screens. This means, that for each eye of the user there is a separate display and thus a separate image in full resolution and brilliant brightness. brightness is available. The image separation above the centrally mounted beamsplitter mirror is achieved flicker-free by means of passive polarizing filter glasses. This makes the monitor suitable for regular, continuous work, even in 3-shift operation.

3D PluraView Highlights

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 11, LINUX & macOS / remote (e.g. Teradici)
  • Head and object tracking for intuitive VR work
  • Interaction by means of glasses, tracking balls or tracking pens
  • CAD mice and stationary input devices are made redundant by head tracking and gesture control become superfluous
  • Comfortable 3D glasses with wide field of view and light weight
  • Supports 15 targets at the same time!
  • Virtual reality in highest display quality due to 4K resolution per eye
  • Highest product quality - Made in Germany
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